Shipping and Payment



Discreet packaging of your order is of course an important matter for us. We take every possible precaution to ensure your privacy and personal security stays safe. We send your goods in blank envelopes or boxes. There is no logo or other text and image visible, so no one can see what you have ordered.


All the seeds are shipped in their original breeder packs when possible.  If for any reason it is not in original package, we will let you know beforehand. That way, you can be 100% confident that you received exactly what you paid for. You have to take in mind that the packages can change from time to time. Each package is a little work of art and the Seed Banks like to improve them.

Most breeders packs include crush-proof containers like tins, plastic capsules or even state of the art eppendorf tubes with packing material inside or outside of it, that further cushions the beans while it maintains the exact conditions for optimal storage. Some of the seeds are packed only in paper bags. If this is the case we will wrap them in bubble sheet to prevent their crushing.

Your goods are shipped exclusively by freight company Geis,  because of fast delivery and easy tracking of the packages.  However,  to the other EU countries than Czech and Slovak Republic, we usually ship within National Mail and Geis as well. To the other countries outside the EU we ship only by National Mail.

Orders up to 1.000 CZK (38 EUR) free shipping within Czech Republic

Orders up to 2.000CZK (77 EUR) free worldwide shipping (by National mail)!

If you choose to transport with freight company, look at the price list below:




You can choose the payment method on delivery if you want the goods to be delivered to the following countries: Belorussia, Latvia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia a Ukraine.


We will do everything to get your goods out our as fast as possible. Even to forbear our smoke break. The delivery time is between 2 -5 working days throughout Czech and Slovak republic. International orders ship just as fast, but delivery is dependant on your local customs department.


Shipping costs are 100 CZK (4 EUR) for orders below the 1,000 CZK (38 EUR) within Czech and Slovak Republic.
Orders up to 1.000 CZK (38 EUR) free shipping within Czech and Slovak Republic.

Orders up to 2.000CZK (77 EUR) free worldwide shipping (by National mail)!


You can pay cash on delivery without charge 30 CZK for all orders.

Bank Transfer for Czech Republic:

Fio banka  2700554214/2010.

As a variable symbol use the order number.

Credit transfer from abroad:

IBAN CZ8320100000002800100893
Bank address pro international payments and payments in Euros and Dollars Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, Praha 1