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Great White – Regular – 5 seeds pack

GunJah seeds Great White Shark
Genetics: (Super skunk x White Widow) x (Super Skunk x White Widow)
Genotype: Mainly Indica
Suitable for: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering time: 65 – 70 days indoor, early October outdoor
Aroma: Fruity mix with earthy tones
THC/CBD: High/Mid

599 Kč


Product Description

In the animal kingdom the Great White Shark is a fearfull killer. Perfectly designed killing machine. In our plant kingdom, we can describe Gunjah seeds Great White Shark as a perfect relax machine. This beast is almost pure Indica. Very strong and robust plant with huge dark green leaves and fat stem. Like every good Indica, this beauty goes crazy with the branches making a lot of them with short internodal distances. GunJah seeds Great White produces unbelievable ammount of resin covering huge and very hard buds. Central cola looks like a rugby ball. With the white strains family is recomended to lower ammount of light for the last few days and let it rest in dark. This will give you even more resin, it will look like the white coat. After a gentle rub you will be amazed by fresh fruity smell of this plant. It will get you straight on the beach. But beware!! Somewhere in the water … there is a perfect machine… for relax.

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