Our story

GunJah seeds seed bank has been on our mind for some time. We were dreaming about starting our own seedbank with superb genetics with original brand new plants made from the best genetics available since 2011. We have been given hundreds of offers from breeders to buy seeds from them but we refused to go this way. It was nothing for us. We were looking for somebody, whos doing his breeders work with passionate heart and wants to bring out good stable brand new strains.  Finally at 2013 we met this experienced grower from Holland and he had the same vision as we. After few meetings we agreed to cooperate and started to do so.  Thanks to our dedication and hard work, we are able to present to you our new original seedbank called GunJah seeds.

The name GunJah is taken from Rastafarian mythology and it means the weapon of god, which is of course cannabis itself. For the logo of our project we chose the portrait of Etiopian emperor called Haile Selassie, who is also an ikon of the Rastafari movement.  Under this influence we make products for our costumers. Upright stable hybrid plants, no scum!

For the first year we chose 7 strains, which we consider the best from our work and are the best we created so far. We will be pleased, if you try our strains and let us know what you think and how you like them. Please let us know your opinions to info@gunjahseeds.com

Tomas Bohovic

GunJah seeds team